I am Maria your mentor

The secret to a happy life

Is in finding your purpose. 

I wake up sometimes in complete awe of the life I have created because of photography.

Inside this community you will find that I am an open book. Completely transparent about everything in my business.

 You will see me succeed and epically fail, and through it all we will learn together!

My story

I believe in you

People often think that photography is about all of the technicalities, the gear, the lighting, buying all of the expensive things. 

I know so many struggling photographers who are incredibly talented as well as the many photographers who are great at business with zero creativity. 

In all honesty you really need to define success before you embark on this journey. If money is important to you, then being an  ok photographer but amazing at business is 100%  the way to go. 

But for me? I want to make a living creating art. Treating people as individual muses, and gaining their complete trust in my artistic vision. I am hired by clients who want me to ceate for them. Who give me complete freedom to explore my creativity and bring them an amazing experience.

The lessons you will find here are from my real life experience running a busy six figure business. I am messy, chaotic, an adhd mom who loves her margaritas!

I will show you business; my business, and I will show you  probably the most important asset can make or break the success of your business.

I am talking about people. The people you surround yourself with, the clients you attract, and you.

 After all, you are the one that produces value to your customers and turn your art into profits. 

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Words I live by

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

— Walt Disney

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