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Maria is such an amazing mentor. I was blessed to have an opportunity to attend one of her workshops earlier this year and she has greatly impacted the success of my photography business. Prior to the workshop, I was offered a one on one phone session, in which we discussed my business in great detail and she helped with pricing my photography for what it's worth and how to handle new inquiries to turn them into bookings. This has been the biggest game changer!
During and after the workshop, she has just been incredible with sharing all of her knowledge, supporting us and checking in to see our progress, and still pushing us to keep up with our little and big goals throughout. I'm part of her photographers group on FB and continue to learn from her and my peers everyday. It's such a great community to be a part of and I'm so happy and grateful for everything she's done.
Thank you so much Maria!
jayne scalisi
“It was a wonderful weekend. I left the studio Sunday crying like a Baby, I am a very quiet and shy person (did u noticed it? LOL) but I enjoyed so much my time with all of you. You guys make me feel so good and make me believe in myself. Love You all and hope we can meet again in another workshop or in any other occasion. Thanks, Maria Micaela Arellano for sharing your time , your space and your knowledge.”
cristina delgado
Holy cow! This workshop ya'll!!! I am just mind blown at what I was able to do with the help of my mentor and friend! I am so thankful for this weekend Maria Micaela Arellano, I needed this so much! I am thankful for Finding Magic Photography Education. To think I posed this, I shot this, I edited this...I am so thankful for this opportunity to have been taught by you!
Chantal Luna


Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

My vision for the academy is "community" I want to make sure that you are as involved as you want to be! I want the site to give you access to each other, so you can inspire, motivate and ask questions from the entire community. Growing together is what makes us different!

What courses will I take?

You will have access to all of the courses in the Academy through the subscription, you can also purchase courses individually to access through out the lifetime of our platform.

How can I choose my courses?

Once you join you'll want to take the "Where do I start?" course, it contains a quiz that will help us decide on the best course map for you! You can also ask for feedback and guidance through the main forum, where I can personally mentor you!
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