New Online Photography Education Platform

Maria Arellano
Want to learn photography online?

Already a professional photographer but still missing something?

Teaching is ingrained in my soul and for me it has become a way of life.

My purpose is to help as many photographers achieve their goals in as little time possible. 

I remember when I started subscription sites, cheap action sets or any online tutorials were difficult to find. 

I had to first figure out what terms and words to search for on google, and then sit through hours of content on Youtube to try and find the information that would help me build my skills.

The online education community is so different now, and thankfully students have access to many options. 

Now with this positive comes some negatives. 

You see anyone can start an online school. Anyone can offer classes, mentoring and workshops; but not everyone has the student driven results in mind. 

Many times the expecations made are not fullfilled and you are left dissappointed, out of money and out of time. 

Why is this platform different?

I hosted my courses through Finding Magic Education for over three years. While many of my online students found growth, inspiration and success; I felt frustrated with the capabilities of my platform.

I hated that students had to run to Facebook to get a sense of our community, and I felt like I couldnt give them everything I aspired to provide.

I tried zoom live courses, life streams, a private Facebook Group for inner cirlcle members and even hot seats.

Still I felt that I wasnt delivering enough, and how could I? On the back end I also have a professional photography studio to run with in person clients, editing, and products to fullfill on.

So, after months of scouring the internet and testing different tools I have settle on my new home. Our new home!

Let's explore

Here I am able to host our community with an onine forum where you are able to create private course groups. You will be able to follow the journey of other students and I will personally be here to encourage you, provide feedback and engage with you. 


The courses will now challenge you with Pop Quizzes, exams and homework. You will be able to upload assigments to get feedback and to brag about your progress. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself as little or as much as you would like. All from just one location, no need to hop around to other platforms. 

The most exciting part of it all, is that this time I am able to produce higher quality content with professional videography. You'll get to see me work from all angles! All of the content on this platform will be 100% brand new! So even if you are coming from my old site, you get to enjoy all brand new content. 


Who doesnt love to hang out with like minded people? The third Wednesday of every month we will get to meet up Live to hang out, talk photography and even break down any challenges you are facing. These meetups will be hosted here via zoom, and recorded for you to replay later. 


I am so excited for the possibities. I want to feature you, your art, your growth, and your business in this community photographers.

Here we are a team, a community, together we are YOU.

Together we can find the magic that sets us apart in the world of photography and business. We can find the inspiration, the encouragement, and the drive to move forward. I hope you choose to join us on this journey and that you contribute to our community.

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