The Goddess Experience

Photographing women in the glam studio
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  • Author: Maria Arellano
  • Level: Advanced
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Course overview
What is a Goddess Experience Photoshoot? 

I will be walking you through a full Goddess Experience Photoshoot. 

You will see the sets, the styling and posing of a real client all the way to retouching. 
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Includes Client Interview
Featured Model is real life client Cindy Marte, who will share her perspective of a photoshoot in the studio.
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Create your own photoshoot system

While you follow along my workflow, you can develop your own photoshoot experience. 

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Set design, Styling, Lighting, Posing, and Retouching

We will cover all of the details of a Goddess Experience photoshoot.

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Deliver an exceptional experience.

Stand out in any market by offering an exclusive and unique experience.
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Become a better professional

Boost your confidence, master the techniques to photograph all women.

What's included?

You can purchase the course to keep or join the Annual subscription for 12 month access to this course and many more!

  • Powerful portrait system that connects with clients

    5 Chapters where we cover everything from
    • Mindset
    • Branding & Self Value
    • Styling
    • Shooting
    • Lighting
    • Client Satisfaction
    • Retouching
  • Lead with the product that is aligned with your purpose

    Doing what you love and sharing your passion for your service will help you attract the right clients. 

Course Lessons

Behind the scenes of a Goddess photoshoot

Featured clients


My goal is to show every single one of my clients that they have the choice to live in their bodies with joy and confidence. Through portraits we can build womens self esteem. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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